Raymon HardRay E-Seven 6.0 [2021] (REFURBISHED) | dark grey | 27.5" | 34 cm | > 1000 km | Yamaha PW-X

Raymon HardRay E-Seven 6.0 [2021] (REFURBISHED)

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Reliable. Uncomplicated. Persevering. With these three words, the Raymon E-Hardtails can be perfectly described. Equipped with suspension fork but rigid rear, they are virtually the archetype of mountain bikes. The powerful Yamaha drives help the E-MTBs to a powerful appearance on any paved trail stage that offers you as a rider. They are universally applicable, real all-rounders. A hardtail is the right partner for you if you are mainly on forest paths or simpler trails where the downhill passages are manageable. The Raymon E-MTB hardtails ignite the turbo uphill: On the one hand, this is due to the lower weight and the fact that the power is transferred directly to the ground due to the lack of suspension.

250 Watts
Weight (kg)
23.0 kg

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