The refurbed process

Refurbed products go through up to 40 steps until they are as good as new. We have broken these down into four parts.

Our refurbishment process

Data cleansing
Change of components
Exterior polishing
process check Deployment

In Detail

In most cases, the refurbishment process is directly conducted by licensed manufacturers or partners. Every refurbed partner or manufacturer has years of experience and is uniquely qualified, something we thoroughly review on a regular basis.

The refurbisher procures large quantities of devices from companies or telecommunication providers. After that, the refurbed process commences.

  1. Data Cleansing

    Each device is cleansed of old data and restored to factory settings.

  1. Exchange of Components

    After thorough testing, single or multiple components will be exchanged if deemed necessary.

  1. Renewal

    External signs of use are repaired or removed.

  1. Sale

    The device is sold via our refurbed platform.

If you would like to see for yourself just how new our refurbed products appear, you can review the images of a few of our bestsellers here.

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