Refurbished iPads: Which one to buy in 2024?

by Vanessa Ricca, on Apr 3, 2024

Are you wandering around the world of refurbished iPads, but finding so many models to choose from that you're feeling a bit lost? Say no more! We at refurbed have prepared a guide to help you find the most suitable refurbished iPad model for you in 2024.

Refurbished iPad comparison: Which one to buy in 2024?

Which is better: an iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPad Pro?

Let's start with an assumption: choosing between iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro depends on your specific needs. If you're looking for a versatile device for everyday use, a standard iPad model might be the ideal choice, given its excellent value for money - especially if you were to buy it refurbished.

If you want advanced performance integrated into a slimmer design, the iPad Air might be the better solution. The iPad Mini, on the other hand, is perfect for those who prefer a compact tablet, ideal for portability without sacrificing the functionality of this device. However, if you are a creative professional or have more intense work needs, the iPad Pro is a fantastic options that offers high-end performance and additional functionality, of course, at a relatively higher price.

Before proceeding with the search, carefully evaluate your needs and preferences to find the refurbished iPad that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Refurbished iPads: Advantages

Now that we have clarified the use you will make of your iPad, we can delve into our selection of the refurbished Apple tablets, divided by price range. Remember that for each iPad mentioned, at refurbed you always have the following advantages included in the price:

We're ready.

Refurbished iPads under €500

Here is the list of our recommended iPads for purchase in 2024, in the price range up to €500.

iPad Air 4 (2020)

Among our favourite iPads recommended to buy in 2024 is definitely the refurbished iPad Air 4. A lightweight yet powerful tablet, which today offers an exceptional quality-to-price ratio. The iPad Air 4 from 2020 is equipped with a powerful A14 Bionic processor, which makes it even faster than many laptops/PCs. Plus, it offers fantastic modern pastel colours for all tastes.

Budget: around €450

iPad Mini 6 (2021)

The iPad mini 6 (2021) is the ideal choice in 2024 for users looking for a tablet that can fit in (almost) all bags and is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, thanks to its featherweight of less than 300 grams. This refurbished iPad not only has compact dimensions, but with its 8.3-inch display, it offers enough space to play, write or draw, while at the same time fitting in the palm of a hand. Perfect for frequent travellers or for those who need a larger screen than a smartphone.

Budget: around €430

iPad 10 (2022)

If you want to opt for a more recent model, staying on a budget of about €400, then the iPad 10, standard model, released in 2022, is certainly among the options that might suit you.

Among the specifications, the refurbished iPad 10 (2022) boasts the most recent Apple technologies, together with an improved processing speed that ensures smooth navigation and high responsiveness. The device's intuitive interface makes it perfect for children, the elderly and students.

Budget: around €410

Refurbished iPad Pro: which one makes sense to buy? Recommendations by price range.

Refurbished iPads under €700

For those who want to invest a few hundred euros more for an even higher spec model, here are the best refurbished Apple tablets in 2024 for less than €700.

iPad Air 5 (2022)

Among the best buys of early 2024 in our category of refurbished iPads, we cannot fail to mention the iPad Air 5, a model released just two years ago (in March 2022) and therefore perfectly in keeping with the times. This tablet adapts to a dynamic lifestyle, thanks to its slim design and powerful performance that can surprise every user. Ideal for gaming, taking notes at school or university, drawing, watching movies in streaming, reading e-books and much more.

Budget: around €550

iPad Pro 2 (2020)

If you are looking for a model with advanced performance and your budget is around €600, the refurbished iPad Pro 2 11.0” 2020 might be the right choice for you. Still on the cutting edge in 2024, it convinces with a breathtaking display, a high-tech camera and impressive system performance. Ideal for students, creatives and for those who want to take advantage of Apple's high performance, but at a more contained price. One of the best sellers among the refurbished tablets on refurbed!

Budget: around €600

Refurbished iPads under €900

We complete our list with one last proposal of iPads that are worth buying in 2024. This time, top-range iPads for less than €900.

iPad Pro 4 (2022)

Finally, the iPad Pro 4 11’’, 2022 model, is among our suggested models for those looking for a powerful mid-high range tablet in 2024. This refurbished model offers premium performance for the most demanding activities, and is the most suitable choice for creatives and professionals. Pro tip: pair this iPad with a refurbished Apple Pencil and/or the refurbished Apple Magic Keyboard to get the most of the user experience offered by Apple. Also, take a look at our sustainable HoldIt covers to protect your iPad and personalise it with style, while respecting the environment.

Budget: around €760

To discover our entire catalogue of refurbished iPads and explore all the technical specifications and possible configurations available, visit our dedicated page. If other brands of refurbished tablets, such as Samsung or Microsoft might also be of interest to you then go through our tablet category to discover refurbed’s entire assortment.

In conclusion

In conclusion, you should carefully evaluate your needs and preferences to find the refurbished iPad that best suits you, among those suggested above for 2024. Explore our complete catalogue of refurbished iPads , use the filters to more easily find the right configurations (such as colour, memory, price, or screen size), and do not hesitate to contact our free assistance service if you need further guidance on the tablet to choose.

Finally, if you already have an Apple Pencil, be sure to check its compatibility with the iPad models you are considering by consulting our dedicated article: Apple Pencil: Compatibility and Supported Devices.

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