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Your more sustainable, much cheaper start to the holiday season.

Instead of traditional Black Friday 2023, at refurbed we are celebrating Green Friday. Why? Because we not only want to offer great prices, but also a convenient option for more sustainable consumption. Let's take a look at what makes refurbed’s Green Friday so special.

Why Green Friday instead of Black Friday?

Green Friday stands for conscious consumption and environmental protection. Instead of luring you with special offers, we focus on completely renewed day-to-day electronics, household appliances, and much more. Why? Because refurbished products are not only top quality and good for your wallet, but they also protect the environment. Our devices are up to 40% cheaper than new products and are still of the same high quality; all coming with a minimum 12-month warranty.

Advantages over Black Friday:

Green Friday is not just about discounts, but also about values. Here are some advantages you can enjoy over the traditional Black Friday: 1. Sustainability: We avoid the need to mine new raw materials and produce new equipment, which reduces environmental impact significantly. 2. Quality: Our refurbished products go through strict quality controls to ensure they function just like new. 3. Price: You can get top-quality products at a fraction of the new price. 4. Variety: Our product range offers something for everyone, from smartphones to laptops to kitchen and household appliances.

When is Black Friday?

Mark November 24, 2023 in your calendar. On this day you can discover bargains while protecting the environment. It's the perfect opportunity to live more sustainably and surprise your loved ones with high-quality gifts.

The history of Black Friday:

Black Friday has a long history of kicking off the holiday shopping season. Originally from the USA, this day has spread worldwide, even coming to Ireland. But it is also often associated with overcrowded shops, consumerism and environmental pollution. That's why we decided to launch Green Friday for our Irish customers - to offer a more sustainable alternative.

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