Data-based sustainability - refurbed and Fraunhofer Research GmbH

by Sarah Weyers, on Apr 22, 2024

Today we are proud to present our new sustainability report based on the data we collected together with Fraunhofer Institute, Austria.

Graph depicting refurbed x Fraunhofer’s verified refurbishment savings calculation model, in line with ISO 14040/44

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On this page you will find the following information:

  • Our press release
  • Data report from Fraunhofer Research GmbH
  • Our speaker bios
  • Images

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Fraunhofer Report

82% CO₂, 88% water and 76% electronic waste - that's how much a refurbished iPhone 12, 128GB saves compared to buying a new one. But what about a Samsung or a Huawai smartphone, or even a tablet?

After publishing the first environmental impact report in 2023 based on data we collected together with Fraunhofer Institute, this year we are presenting the further development of this data in the form of an environmental impact calculation model. This enables us to collect much more comprehensive and detailed data that goes far beyond the data previously collected.

Our Speakers

Peter Windischhofer

Peter Windischhofer is one of refurbed’s three founders. Before founding the company, Windischhofer worked for several years as a consultant at McKinsey, where he advised large e-commerce companies across Europe. He studied business administration in Vienna, Hong Kong, Shanghai and San Francisco, and founded an online rating platform for Chinese language schools during his studies in China. In 2020, he was voted onto the Forbes "30 under 30 Europe" list together with refurbed co-founder Kilian Kaminski. Windischhofer is not only an expert in scale-up start-ups, but also in the field of sustainability and is a vehement advocate of the circular economy and responsible consumption - his mission is to enable people to consume more sustainably.

Paul Rudorf

Born in Germany, Paul Rudorf is a research associate at Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH in the Factory Planning and Production Design division. Paul Rudorf's area of expertise and research focus at Fraunhofer Austria are CO₂/life cycle assessments and life cycle analyses, as well as the ecological assessments of buildings in the manufacturing industry. Together with Dr. Tanja Nemeth and Maximilian Nowak, he was the author of the Sustainability Impact Measurement Study published in 2023, which was commissioned by refurbed and compared the life cycle assessment of five refurbished products with that of a new product. Together with Jan Henjes, Rudorf also developed a methodology for determining ecological key figures in 2024 on behalf of refurbed, which can provide detailed information on the ecological impact of electronic products. This development methodology was verified by an independent third party in April 2024 in accordance with ISO standard 14040/44. Rudorf previously studied automotive engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum in Vienna.

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