The Best Refurbished MacBooks Under €800: Which to Buy in 2024?

by Vanessa Ricca, on Jan 15, 2024

In the increasingly vast landscape of refurbished MacBooks, finding the perfect model can be a challenge. If you're looking for an affordable MacBook under €800 to accompany you in 2024, don't miss our best buy guide below. We'll explore interesting insights on how to choose your used MacBook, completely refurbished and guaranteed on refurbed, based on your needs and the price range you want to stay within.

Warranteed refurbished MacBooks: they can also be purchased on refurbed in instalments.

Advantages of Refurbished MacBooks

Before we look at the list of MacBook laptops to buy for under €800, let's take a look at the advantages of choosing a refurbished MacBook in general. Buying a refurbished MacBook does not mean compromising on quality. On the contrary, it represents a sustainable and cost-effective way to have a high-quality product at a significantly more affordable price than a new one. At refurbed, you can find completely tested and professionally refurbished MacBooks, with a minimum warranty of 12 months, at up to 40% less than the recommended retail price of a brand new device. In addition to the economic advantage, refurbished products allow you to save valuable environmental resources by extending the life and use of a perfectly performing device and reducing the introduction of harmful electronic waste to the planet. But it doesn't end there: with refurbed, you always have 30 days free trial to assure yourself of the quality and test it hands-on at home. Additionally: shipping and returns are included in the price, and payment can be made in 3 interest-free instalments.

Now, let's get to it, starting from the ground up…

Refurbished MacBooks Under €400

If your budget for your next refurbished MacBook is under €400, here are some options that are right for you.

Apple MacBook Air 2017 | 13.3"

The refurbished MacBook Air (2017) ranges in price, depending on the chosen configuration, at around €350. With its slim aluminium design, it offers a high-quality 13.3-inch display. Powered by fifth-generation Intel Core processors, it provides adequate performance for daily activities. With its extended battery life and portability, it remains a popular choice for those seeking style and reliability.

Apple MacBook Pro 2015 | 13.3"

If you're looking for a MacBook Pro under €400, this option is definitely recommended in this price range. With its iconic aluminium design and powerful performance typical of every Pro, it is a reliable laptop for handling daily work activities.

Refurbished MacBooks Under €600

Apple MacBook Air 2018 | 13.3" | i5

The refurbished MacBook Air 2018 with a 13.3-inch display and an i5 processor offers exceptional portability and power. With its slim and lightweight design, a sharp Retina display, and a fast SSD drive, it is ideal for users looking for high performance with an elegant laptop design. Its long battery life and efficient performance make it suitable for versatile daily use at work, school, or university.

Apple MacBook Pro 2017 | 13.3" | Touch Bar

This MacBook Pro 2017 with its innovative Touch Bar is an ideal solution for professional users, students, or creatives looking for power and innovation at an affordable price under €600. Thanks to the ultra-efficient Kaby Lake processor from Intel, this refurbished MacBook Pro offers high performance that is still perfectly up to date in 2024.

Refurbished MacBooks Under €800

Apple MacBook Air 2020 | 13.3"

For those with a higher budget intending to spend around €700 on a more recent refurbished MacBook, the MacBook Air 2020 is a more than valid choice that offers design and power to users, whilst maintain a lightweight finish for easy portability. This is an ideal laptop for daily and professional use. Depending on your needs, you can choose from different processors, ranging from Dual-Core (i3) to Quad-Core (i7) of the tenth generation.

Apple MacBook Pro 2019 | 13.3" | Touch Bar

For those looking for a refurbished MacBook Pro in a price range around €700, the 2019 model with a 13.3-inch display and Touch Bar is certainly among the best options. Equipped with a high-quality screen, it offers high performance thanks to eighth-generation Intel Core processors. The combination of elegant design, keyboard interactivity, and processing power makes it suitable for professionals and advanced users.

Apple MacBook Pro 2018 | 15.4" | Touch Bar

If you're looking for a modern refurbished Apple laptop with a larger screen and Pro features for less than €800, we can recommend the MacBook Pro 2018 with a 15.4-inch display and touch bar. With its large and brilliant display and power, it’s a must for lovers of a great tech and display marriage.

Apple MacBook: From Choice to Savings

Aesthetic Quality Grades

Expert advice: if you want to save even more on your refurbished MacBook, we can recommend choosing a lower aesthetic grade. Technically, your product will be perfectly functionally on par with a higher aesthetic grade, but with some cosmetic flaws, which may not be of concern or can easily be hidden, for example, with appropriate stickers. To find out all the details about our aesthetic grades (which are divided into "Excellent," "Very Good," and "Good"), you can consult this page.

Product Catalogue

Didn't find what you were looking for among our suggestions? Take a look at the complete list of our refurbished MacBooks. Use filters to narrow down the search for products with specific technical specifications of your interest, such as keyboard language, display size, memory, etc.

Predictions for 2024

With the arrival of new MacBook models in 2024, we can certainly expect a variation in the prices of previous models. This will make some options even more accessible for those looking for a refurbished MacBook that combines excellent performance and low cost.

refurbed Customer Support

If, despite our advice, you still don't know how to choose your refurbished MacBook, feel free to contact our customer support. We'll be happy to listen to your requirements and support you in choosing the Apple model that suits you.

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