Is it worth buying an iPhone 13 in 2024?

by Vanessa Ricca, on Jan 10, 2024

If the most desired model on refurbed in 2023 was the iPhone 12, in 2024 the trend shifts to the next model: according to all predictions, the iPhone 13 naturally becomes the Apple model with the best value for money, especially if you choose to buy it refurbished. Let's discover why.

The refurbished iPhone 13 is the best buy of 2024

Is it worth buying an iPhone 13 in 2024?

If the most desired model on refurbed in 2023 was the iPhone 12, in 2024 the trend shifts to the next model: according to all predictions, the iPhone 13 will naturally become the Apple model with the best value for money, especially if you choose to buy it refurbished. Let's discover why.

Why is the iPhone 13 the best buy of 2024?

If you have had a chance to browse the web, from various articles on the most renowned tech blogs to the most well-known tech YouTubers, you may have noticed that the most popular opinion is that the iPhone 13 is the smartphone that will remain a best-seller (and best buy) in throughout 2024. Let's explore the reasons behind this choice.

Best value for money among iPhones

With the release of the new iPhone 15 at the end of 2023, previous Apple models have inevitably experienced a reduction in price. What remains is the quality of the product, which - in the case of the iPhone 13 - still offers exceptional performance, perfect for everyday use, as well as supported updates for several more years and configurations to suit every need. The current base market price of a refurbished iPhone 13, which has recently become even more affordable, is around €500, making it a mid-range to high-end iPhone.

Cutting-edge technical specifications

Let's summarise here, in a few points, the main features of the iPhone 13 to help you with your buying decision:

  • Year of release: 2021
  • Memory capacity: 128GB; 256GB; 512GB
  • Colours: Red, Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Green, and Pink.
  • Display: 2532×1170 pixels at 460 ppi, 6.1-inch (15cm) diagonal
  • Chip: A15 Bionic; 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores
  • Camera: dual-camera system, main (wide) 12MP, ultra-wide; aperture with ƒ/2.2; optical zoom 0.5x, 1x
  • Battery: up to 19 hours of video playback (variable depending on network configuration and other usage factors)
  • MagSafe compatible accessories: cases, wallets, wireless chargers, etc.
  • Face ID: Yes
  • 5G support: Yes
  • SIM cards: Dual-SIM (eSIM, Nano-SIM)
  • Dimensions: 146.7×71.5×7.65 mm
  • Weight: 174 g

More details about the iPhone 13 can be found on the product page, which you can access here.

Differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

Is it better to buy an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 13 in 2024? Let's explore the main differences to better understand which one is closer to your needs. Compared to the 12, the iPhone 13 offers improved performance in various aspects. First of all, the iPhone 13 features a powerful A15 Bionic processor, which provides even faster and more efficient performance than the already impressive A14 present in the iPhone 12. The 13 also integrates a larger 3240 mAh battery, designed to work longer and more efficiently than the iPhone 12's battery (which stops at a capacity of 2815 mAh). As for the camera, the iPhone 13 brings improvements and new features, including optical stabilisation, which was previously reserved for the Pro versions only. In terms of design, the smaller notch and camera arrangement give the standard iPhone 13 a more modern look, closer to that of the subsequent models, although the compact and elegant appearance of the 12 is not far from the immediately following series. Another noteworthy difference between the iPhone 12 and 13 lies in the memory options, as the former offers 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, while the latter doubles the minimum and maximum capacity, allowing you to choose between 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Differences between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

If you are undecided between buying an iPhone 13 and an iPhone 14 and want to understand if the iPhone 14 is worth the price difference, it may be helpful to consider the key differences between the two generations. Let's start by saying that there are more similarities than differences between these two models. In terms of display, both have the same 6.1-inch diagonal size, the same pixel density (460 ppi), and unchanged resolution and refresh rate. There are minimal differences related to the processor used (A15 Bionic for both models): the only change is an additional core in the GPU, which goes from 4 in the iPhone 13 to 5 in the iPhone 14.

As for the cameras, the design remains the same, while the iPhone 14 features a larger main sensor than its predecessor, with a wider aperture that allows it to capture more light. The night mode has also been slightly improved for optimised shots in low-light conditions. Finally, the battery: here too, the improvements are marginal. Continuous video playback time increases from about 19 to 20 hours, but this depends on how the smartphone is used, background apps, etc.

Regarding the price difference, the base iPhone 14 is currently offered on Apple's official website at a price of €879, approximately €120, more than the price of the 13. Is it worth it? In our opinion, a refurbished iPhone 13 is the better choice between the two models for 2024, considering the minimal difference in performance and design and the significant price difference compared to the new device.

iPhone 13: new, used, or refurbished?

Let's be honest: is it really worth buying a new iPhone 13 in 2024? Our answer is no… Let us explain why: currently, the starting price for a new iPhone 13 on Apple's official website is €759. The benefits are definitely not worth the cost, especially when we consider that for a few hundred euros more we can have the latest model.

What about used? If you are considering buying a second-hand iPhone 13 to save money, you can certainly find convenient offers on various used marketplaces, where individuals want to get rid of their old smartphones by selling them at prices that can even be around €400. But here we need to pause for a moment and ask ourselves: is it worth taking the risk? After all, a used smartphone does not provide any guarantee, nor the possibility of returning or repairing it in case of any problems. Additionally, we have no certainty that it has been properly cleaned of the previous owner's data through a proper backup, nor that its functions have been tested by professionals.

For this reason, considering a smarter and more cost-effective alternative makes sense: refurbished. A refurbished iPhone 13 (or renewed) on refurbed is available at a lower price than new (currently around €500 at the time of publishing this article), with greater security compared to used devices, thanks to testing conducted by our experts, a 30-day trial period with free returns, a minimum 12-month warranty, and free refurbed customer support. Try it to believe it!

Refurbished iPhone 13: sustainability

What can we say? Considering the still cutting-edge technical specifications, the reduced price, and the trendy design, the refurbished iPhone 13 seems to be the best buy of 2024 for those looking for an Apple smartphone. And we haven't even considered the sustainability of this choice! To say goodbye to fast tech, we need to abandon the idea that the latest smartphone model is always the best and essential choice to improve our daily user experience. Buying a model like the iPhone 13 also means taking a stand for environmental and social sustainability, saying a resounding "no" to the exploitation of limited resources, the unnecessary production of e-waste, and greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to our planet and its inhabitants.

Refurbished iPhone 13: verified customer reviews

More and more customers across Ireland are choosing to purchase a refurbished iPhone 13 on refurbed, thanks to the excellent value for money, warranty, and the advantages of refurbed customer support. To read all the verified experiences and opinions of our customers about our products, visit our profile on TrustPilot, where we have almost 80,000 reviews.

Review of the refurbished iPhone 13 on TrustPilot

Review of the refurbished iPhone 13 on TrustPilot

Is the iPhone 13 worth it in 2024?

If you are still not convinced of your choice or unsure if refurbished is the most reliable option, what could be better than testing the product directly with your own hands? By ordering a refurbed device, you can convince yourself of its quality by trying it out for 30 days without any commitment, with shipping and returns already included in the purchase price and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To order your refurbished iPhone 13 now, visit the product page by clicking here.

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